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Ok! This page is nothing great if you already know about PMP Process. It means from Application to Booking the exam slot. You may would like to skip it. Yet, I would recommend you to glance through PMP Audit Process.

Q1 . Are you eligible to appear for PMP exam ?

Answer : This is directly from PMI website. So you should have ZERO doubts about it.
Following are the prerequisites.

  • Secondary degree (high school diploma, associate’s degree or the global equivalent)
  • 7,500 hours leading and directing projects
  • 35 hours of project management education


  • Four-year degree
  • 4,500 hours leading and directing projects
  • 35 hours of project management education

7500 or 4500 Hours is something that you need to prove in your PMP Application Form. 35 hours PM education is simple as you can get it from your PMP trainer REP.

TipsTip : You can take PMP training online or in Classroom mode depending on your choice. Ensure to check for online training as well. They need to have authorisation to provide 35 hours PM education certificate. For that, they should be registered with PMI !

Q2 . How do I fill up the application Form ?

Answer : It is not that easy and not that hard too. You have two options

  1. Become a PMI Member
  2. Do Not become a PMI member

I would recommend becoming a PMI member for two reasons

  1. You get a good amount of discount on your PMP exam fee
  2. You get PMBOK with your name on every Page. It sounds funny but it was a great motivation for me 🙂
Once you become a PMI member, PMI website will help you to fill-up the application form. You need to handle the distribution of 7500 hours between the projects. This is important and my template will help in this
TipsTip : Also, Make sure that you are in touch with people (preferably peers or seniors) with whom you have done these projects. This is important incase your application gets selected for audit. You need these people to actually SIGN. Yes! They need to sign on the hard copies of the work experience documents in PMI audit package. So they should be approachable.
Hence, choose your projects very carefully while filling up the forms. Refer to attached template. To be honest, this is my original application!


Q3 . What happens after you fill up the Application Form  ?

Answer :You need to wait for a weeks time before you hear from PMI office. You will receive a confirmation email from PMI for Fees payment. Please note this is for ONLY fees payment. It is not confirmation for scheduling the exam date. Once you follow the link for fees payment and MAKE the necessary payment.

Immediately after payment, You will receive a confirmation on your application approval status. It tell you whether your application is approved or selected for AUDIT !

If you receive approval confirmation then you will be guided to book your exam slot. Incase your application is selected for AUDIT then we need to to spend some more money and time 🙂
Note : Application selected for Audit DOES NOT mean that there is something wrong with your application. It is just that you were among the 1% people whose application is selected by PMI automated system for doing a random audit. Also, note that it has ZERO impact on any stage of your PMP journey.
To make you feel better, let me tell you a real fact that my own application got selected for Audit !

Q4 . What to do when your application is selected for Audit  ?

Answer : The only reason, I recommend filling up the application form before one goes for full preparation is to keep the momentum going since AUDIT breaks that momentum if the application is filled up during the preparation time. Once you know the exam date, you can be better focussed for your exam ! There is absolutely nothing to panic, if your application is selected for AUDIT.
Simply follow the instructions below but I seriously hope that your peers/seniors of your previous org that are mentioned in PMP application are approachable as mentioned in Q2

You need to prepare a PMI audit package and send it to US at the address mentioned in PMI website.

PMI® Global Operations Center 14 Campus Blvd., Newtown Square, PA 19073-3299 USA

Q5 . What is PMI Audit Package  ?

Answer : PMI Audit Package contains Xerox copy of following material

    1. Your Degree Certificate. In my case (IMC), it was four year Engineering Degree
    2. Your PM Education Certificate. IMC, it was Certificate provided by PMI REP who provided training to me for 35 contact hours
    3. PMP Experience Audit Form (Note : The number of PMP experience Audit forms are directly proportional to number of projects you have mentioned in your PMP Application form. More the projects, more forms you need to get signed from different peers/senior). This will be generated in PMI website (Your Login). You need to download and print them out and send them to your supervisors/managers for endorsement and signingPMI® also requests your supervisors/managers to put each experience record form into a separate sealed envelope with signature on the sealed flap

I insist, that you read this statement in pink color again and understand it!

Finally, all these three documents

    • Degree Certificate copy,
    • PM Education Copy and
    • Sealed Envelopes signed by Managers

are put into a big envelope for dispatching to PMI US Office.

  1. Ensure to mention senders name with your PMI ID
  2. Use a reliable service like DHL/Fedex (It may be expensive but they will make sure that it reaches the destination)

TipsTip : I had used India Post to save some money and it reached after a month with rigorous follow-ups with them as they could not trace it !! So use a reliable courier service.

Hope this post will help you somewhere during your PMP journey. Do like and share, if you find this worth it


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My PMP Application Template – Click over it to download!