Where do Product Ideas come from?

Just look at a product around you, Have you ever thought who would have given the idea to build this?

Most people think that ideas come from the company CEO’s head and the team develops it. 

Or  Do you think the Product manager is responsible for the idea of the product?


The source of ideas can be many. Ideas can come from anywhere.

Here are a few sources of ideas

What is the Product manager doing with these ideas? 

He is responsible for understanding the requirements, reviewing them with teams and prioritizing ideas. This is called Idea Management.

Steps in Idea management

  1. Idea collection
  2. Segregating ideas into similar themes
  3. Evaluating ideas w.r.t the company’s vision and strategy
  4. Refining Ideas
  5. Voting for Prioritization and Transparency

The process starts with collecting ideas and putting them into a central repository. There is multiple Idea management software available like Miro, Brightidea, IdeaNote etc.

The second step is to segregate the ideas into similar themes. While you may get 100 ideas but they would follow some themes like monetization, customer experience etc.

The next steps are the most important ones. It is the core of product managers work. It is important to see which ideas are in line with the company’s vision and strategy. This will help to shortlist the huge list.

The shortlisted ideas are refined and groomed to add more information for the next step

The final step is prioritization, there are many ways to do it. Online Voting is one of the best ways to do it as it is transparent to everyone and avoid unnecessary discussions on the prioritization process

No ideas are poor but all of them cannot be implemented. They need to pass the filtration process of alignment to the company’s vision/strategy.

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