What is Product Management?

Bored of reading the definition of Product management over the internet? Then let me tell you in simple words – 

“Product management is responsible for ensuring that the product service is launched that shall generate revenue and give best product experience!”

The person who makes this possible is called the PRODUCT MANAGER! He is not a superman but knows about business, technology and cares about consumer’s experience.

This image that you might have seen multiple times on google search will now make sense!

Product management takes care of business needs and customer needs with help of technology.

Now, let us understand how this is done? The Five step process shall give you an overview of things are required for effective product management

  1. Ideation for Innovation / Product Discovery
  2. Need Evaluation with success metrics defined
  3. Roadmapping
  4. Development & Delivery 
  5. Analytics
  6. Feedback