PMBOK6 Simplified : Introduction | Components of Guide


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In this post, we will be focussing on six components of the PMBOK Guide

  1. Project Life Cycle
  2. Project Phase
  3. Phase Gate
  4. PM Processes
  5. Process Groups
  6. Knowledge Areas

01_Project Life Cycle

Project life cycle refers to series of phases a project goes through from beginning to end.

There are five types of project life cycle as shown in diagram

Project life cycle

Image result for important png There is a difference between Project Life cycle and Product life cycle. Product life cycle starts after project is delivered. It goes through phases like Market Introduction, growth, maturity and decline.

02_Project Phase

Projects are made up of many phases like Design, coding , Testing etc. The work done in a phase is unique.

Phases are sum of logically related activities. They are used to simplify the work to be done in the project. Their need arises due to nature of the the project, decision points, project elements etc.

Sometimes deliverable of one phase may act as input to next phase. For e.g. design of the application must be completed to start coding. Phases in projects helps to provide better insights for project’s progress and action required for managing it.

03_Phase Gate

Phase gate is held at the end of a phase.  It helps to review the key deliverable and project performance at the end of the phase. (Refer image below for more names)

Phase Gate

The phases can have following relationship:

  1. Sequential Relationship – Next phase can start only when previous one gets completed.
  2. Overlapping Relationship – Next phase can start even when previous one is in progress.

04_Project Management Processes

PMBOK contains 47 processes. PM processes is a set of inter related activities to deliver some output.

Typically, Process needs an Input to deliver a Output. To make sugar (output), you need sugarcane (inpur) and machinery (Tools)

Typical PM processes in PMBOK6 looks like this


05_Project Management Process Groups

There are five PM process groups

  • Initiating [Select the PM]
  • Planning [How will do the work?]
  • Executing [Blindly work as per planned work]
  • Monitoring and Control
    • Check whether work execution is happening as per planning.
    • Controlling is about taking corrective action, if the project is not on track
  • Closing[Closing the Project and related activities]



06_Project Management Knowledge Areas

There are 10 Knowledge areas in Project management

  1. Integration- Integrating processes across the project
  2. Scope- Developing Product and Project scope
  3. Schedule Developing Project Schedule
  4. Cost- Estimating cost for Human resources and material resources
  5. Quality- Ensuring Product and process quality
  6. Resource- Acquiring, developing and managing people
  7. Communication- Providing right info at right time to right people
  8. Risk- Dealing with opportunities and Threats
  9. Procurement– Purchasing Goods and Managing contracts
  10. Stakeholder– Taking care of stakeholder expectation and requirements

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In the next post, we will learn about Tailoring and project management business documents. Stay Tuned.


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