Read this if you haven’t found your passion?


Still trying to figure out what is your passion or true calling? Do you have doubts about your skills? Are you every day trying to do something new? Do you get excited by new ideas and start immediately to launch it? You never get bored as you always have something to try?

Do you always think something is wrong with you? as you are unable to focus on one thing and your mind wanders here and there.

Well! Calm down. Welcome to the community called Multipotentialite. This is not a psychological disorder! Fortunately or unfortunately, these kinds of people do not settle down with one thing. They always have many things running across their brains. They are unable to complete anything.

Multipotentialite is

Someone with many interests and creative pursuits

Why I am writing about this? Yes. You guessed it right! I am a multipotentialite. Along with me, these great personalities were also multipotentialite. I learn about them through a TEDx talk by Emilie

  • Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • Benjamin Franklin
  • René Descartes
  • Isaac Newton
  • Aristotle

Is it wrong to be a multipotentialite? No..Not at all! Being one actually helps you to learn many things. I read somewhere, Innovation is due to the intersection of multiple fields


Multipotentialite bring following benefits with it

  1. Rapid Learning – You learn things faster than others
  2. Learned person – Due to your ability to learn many things, you get respect for your varied knowledge.
  3. Adaptability – You adapt yourself into any field. Thanks to the curiosity animal sitting within you
What next?

My father taught me in my childhood that “Nothing learnt goes waste” It will help you someday somehow. I have been following his principle and keep on doing things as they come my way.

These principles are heavily used by me in many things. Especially in my professional work that I had learnt it like that. I owe my first job promotion to this too way back 14 years ago!

  • As a multipotentialite, One of the important self- taught lesson is to keep small targets. It helps to so focus and complete them fast. We have very limited focus strength but whatever limited it is, it is very strong! My small target was to complete this blog before sleeping!
  • There must be hundreds of things that excite you. Putting them on a piece of paper will help you to prioritise them. I use google sheets for this. It’s Free!
  • Try to prioritise things that can bring results faster. This can closer to something that is being done at your workplace or personal project. This will help to increase your confidence

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