IoT Architecture Demsytified

Internet of Things

Have you read my previous post on Introduction to IoT? I would recommend you to read it first especially if you are new to IoT!

Ok! Moving On..Let’s get straight to the point. IoT Architecture has Five Main layers.

Internet of Things

Perception Layer

This is the first layer in IoT architecture. The perception layer handles the sensors and captures the relevant data. A temperature sensor would periodically capture the temperature and transfers to IoT gateway# .  

Transport Layer

Transport layer handles the transfer of this captured data to the Gateway. This is then sent to IoT platform* for processing.

  • Usually, data transfer between sensors and gateway takes place in a local area network (LAN). Zigbee, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi are some of the technologies used in this process.
  • For data transfer between gateway to IoT platform, we need WAN technologies like 3G, GSM, PSTN etc.

Processing Layer

Processing layer ensures that meaningful information is derived from the received data. This happens with help of data mining servers. BIG data is processed and analysed here. There is a continuous stream of data coming to this layer from sensors via Gateway. This layer is expected to understand and send relevant info to various system in real time. Hence, it becomes a critical layer.  

Application Layer

Application layer deals with the actual application or use-case for IoT. It can be a smart home application or a Healthcare or logistic application.  

Business Layer

This is the top most layer or last layer in IoT architecture. It controls the application along with related Operation support system (OSS ) and Business support system (BSS) like billing, CRM, Order management etc

On web, you may find 3 layer and 7 layer architecture. These are nothing but the compressed and expanded form of this 5 layer architecture only!   I hope, this post must have given you insights on the IoT architecture. Stay tuned for my next post on IoT   Finally, do, let me know in comments if you want me to write on any new topic. My old & new blogs are available here – My Little Blog!

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#Gateway – a router like device inside your home *IoT platform – a cloud server with computational properties

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