Crushing It ! – By Gary Vaynerchuk (My Notes)

Crushing It

The first month of 2019 has ended. It was time for me to act on one of my 2019 resolutions that were, at least, reading a book a month.

So, I finished reading this fantastic book – Crushing it by Gary Vaynerchuk. Taking Cues from the book, I thought of sharing my notes on this book.

This book is about building a personal brand using social media platforms. I am not going to explain why digital marketing is chosen over traditional marketing.

Gary, in his book, Crushing It, has outlined seven effective principles for brand building.

  1. Intent – This is sharing and caring. You need to share more and more free but value stuff with your audience and care about them. You need to have the altruistic mindset when you set out on the journey to build your personal brand. The money will follow!
  2. Authenticity – Let’s be real. Don’t FAKE it as people understand. A genuine person is always respected and followed. You agree with that…Right??
  3. Passion – Your work reflects your passion without saying. Unless you are passionate about what you are doing, you are still doing routine office kind of job.
  4. Patience – Overnight success seldom last long but patience can help you to maintain it. Yet, sometimes success takes time then you need patience till you get it
  5. Speed – Well this is not at all contradicting with “Patience”. Speed here refers to an efficient way of working by removing impediments. This helps to reach your goals faster.
  6. Work – Hard work always pays off and Gary here means REAL hard work like there is no tomorrow. Such a level of dedication to work actually builds the personal brand.
  7. Attention – Things change very fast in the Digital Age. So, it is important to have a 360-degree view of what’s happening around and change your strategy. The beauty of digital is strategy execution is a matter of minutes!

One of the most important lessons this book teaches you that you don’t need any physical product to make a brand. You, Yourself are a product that people will love to know and learn.

How do you do that? Start documenting your life without caring about type or kind of content. Don’t think about things like making it perfect in the first try. You learn this over time.

This book also contains details on social media platforms that help to get discovered. It also provides examples of how people have used it and how you should use them to make your personal brand more effective!

My Opinion – I got this book while surfing YouTube videos on Leadership and saw one of Gary’s video. I started following Gary on LinkedIn. It was amazing to learn that he generates so much valuable content on a regular basis. This book is for everyone and it changes your mindset and makes you a better human being. As I stated earlier, the examples in the book are about normal humans like us who went to the next level.

I recommend this book – Crushing it to refresh and recharge yourself!

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