7 Must Do Financial investments for Beginners


Have you recently started working or working for some-time and thinking about investments or tax savings? This post is beneficial for everyone even if you have 10+ Work Experience. It is based on past experience as I started investing after 12 years of work experience.

Why do we save money? I see two reasons – Savings for Future & Better returns from savings! Most of the people (including your parents) around you may advise for FD investments . However there are financial instruments better than FD that can provide better returns and are SAFE.

Here is the list that will help you plan your investments for tax savings and growth

  1. Fixed deposits 

Also, popularly known as FD. This instrument is still the most popular instrument as it provides better returns (interest rate) than keeping your money in saving account. As on today, the returns from saving account is just ~3.5% compared to ~6.5% from FD. There is no minimum lock-in period for FD.

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  1. Public Provident Fund

Also, popularly known as PPF, is backed by Govt. of India with returns upto ~8.5%! Also the icing on the cake is interest on PPF is tax free unlike FD interest which is taxable. The maximum limit for PPF is 1.5Lac INR per annum with lock-in period of 15 Years. One of the most important benefits is that you can avail tax benefit under section 80(c).

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  1. National Pension Scheme

Also, popularly known as NPS, is backed by Govt. of India with returns depending on market situation. The average returns till date have been over ~10% . This makes it an attractive investment. It also helps save taxes under the section 80CCD and 80C. However, it is worth noting that there is a lock-in till you attain 60 years in age. Also, 40% of your savings is kept as annuity by Govt to give you regular pension in old age without paying any premiums.

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  1. Employee Provident Fund

Also, popularly known as PF, is automatically started when you join any organisation. The important thing to remember is to keep track of it as every month some amount is automatically getting invested by you and your company. Most youngsters forget this. This has multiple benefits including tax savings, loan facilities etc.

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  1. Mutual Funds

MF are subjected to market risk! Scared? Yes, they are linked to the market’s up and down but if done cautiously, they can be the best investment. If you think, it is difficult, Take the help of some senior person who is already investing. Couple of serious discussion with him will give you lots of insights! Just to keep you more confidence, MF are refugated by Govt body SEBI that takes care of investors. There is NO Lock-IN period for mutual funds!

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  1. Term Insurance 

Term insurance helps to get bigger value insurance in lesser premium amount. There are no returns in it hence the insurance value is high which can be availed in event of mishaps. For e.g. 1 Crore INR insurance is available for less than 1000 bucks per month. It is recommended to buy all additional riders like accidental and critical illness along with term insurance to be safer.

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  1. Medical Insurance 

Medical insurance is really important if you exists! Even though your company gives you medical insurance but a separate medical insurance will provide additional benefits in terms of  tax benefits and many others. It is strongly recommended to have one from early life 

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Though, there are some cons of every instrument listed above but the pros take a lead over it. It is strongly recommended not to overthink on them as you will keep losing time and money!

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