3 Steps to improve your beginner photography skills

Wow! These photos are very nice. Do you wonder how they managed to click such beautiful photographs? Great skills and using a professional DSLR camera…Right? and you are a beginner. Hence the difference! No worries, I will teach you how to improve your beginner photography skills in 3 steps!
A photo clicked by DSLR has an edge over the one clicked by mobile camera. But, due to improvements in mobile camera technology, the gap has reduced.
Clicking a photo is an art and science but not rocket science. I am gonna tell you some very basic things to consider while clicking photos. Follow them and you will see your photography skills improving!
We are not discussing the tech part like Aperture, Shutter speed and ISO. The focus will be on practical aspects that will help to improve your beginner photography skills


Steps to Improve your Photography Skills

  • The first one is composition, this is actually the frame of your full picture. It includes the
    1. thing (place, animal, thing) you want to capture
    2. the surroundings around that thing
    • Ensure that your thing is covering the most part of your frame
    • surrounding is clean and does not contain any unwanted thing
credit : fstopspot.com

credit: fstopspot.com

Here is an example, Observe the old photo and read further

There is too much of negative space ( -ve space refers to unwanted space) in the frame. Viewer’s focus is shifting between the surrounding and the person.

The new photo is far better and gives a better experience. Am I right?



  • The next thing is the Light. Okay, so you don’t need to buy or carry a light here. We are talking about sunlight or electric bulb. Make sure, the light is falling on the thing and not coming from behind. This is super critical as it makes your picture go black. Image (on the left) below shows the best positioning for taking a good picture. Have a look at two pictures on the right side. The difference is light!

credit: digitalphotomentor.com

credit: farbspiel photography







  • The last thing is the post-processing. You must and should do post-processing pictures of photos captured by you. Hope, you must be doing it as well. There are much free software available. One of them – snapseed. Here is the link to explore more Snapseed

I truly hope that if you follow these three things with your next click. You will see a BIG difference. Do comment, if you want me to write on any topic.

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